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Home & Hotel Automation Systems


Coverings ME tries to cover all aspects of a living, working and commercial Area. Not only do we want our clients to accomplish their designs with our large range of finishing materials, we also want them to live or work in them with the most advanced levels of technologies and comfort. That is why we have entered into a partnership with HIVE Automation, a leader in the Automation industry, to provide all types of services for Home and Hotel Automation Systems.


Home Automation


With our home automation division we can create a single solution to allow your whole home to be controlled by a single user interface that can eliminate time wasting and truly enhance your daily lifestyle.


Imagine a discreet home automation system with hidden speakers, equipment, no pile of remotes on the table. From a single keypad, smart remote or even your iphone/ipad you can control access pre-set lighting and audio ambience, enjoy the latest high definition or 3D movies in your own home cinema, even access your home security and functions remotely while you’re away from your property. All these become a reality with HDL.


We can make your home automation system the centre of your world in the GCC or even globally. With intelligent home control systems providing a single interface that combines multi-room audio, home cinema, distributed video, lighting and heating together with security and CCTV too (Please visit our security systems page clicking here)


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Hotel Automation


Hotel automation includes a variety of products and applications that can be combined in various ways to suit business’ specific needs.


Hotel Automation provides lighting control, AC control, Curtain Control and Service demand to save energy, improve service and security. It also has all information related to guest ID, service demand, Door Status, Safe box status and room temperature etc. This system helps hotel management and Staff to deal with all the dynamic and complicated information of Hotels in much simpler manner.


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