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AllFace Products

Our comprehensive know-how in the development, engineering and manufacturing of fixing solutions meets our customer’s expectations of best performance.

Visible fixing

With rivets

Fixing the cladding with rivets enables fast and permanent installation of facade cladding. The cladding material is attached at flexible and fixed points to absorb thermal expansion and contraction in the materials used.


System F1.10 System F2.10


With anchoring clips

Fixing facade elements with anchoring clips is especially suited for ceramic and terracotta facade elements. The anchoring clips are available in aluminium and stainless steel and can be made to match the colour of the facade elements.


System F1.20 System F2.20

Concealed fixing

Attaching cladding panels with structural bonding

Using a structural bonding (adhesives) system to attach facade cladding is an economical, concealed and ‘installer friendly’ method of installing facade cladding. The cladding is attached to the adequately pre-treated supporting rails by using a permanently elastic adhesive and a double-sided adhesive installation tape.


System F1.30 System F2.30

Attachment methods for undercut anchors

Facade cladding can also be attached mechanically and can be concealed using undercut anchors. The backs of the cladding elements are provided with cleats with special bolts that are inserted into the undercut hole and fixed by tightening the screws. Each cladding element must be fastened with at least four individual anchors.


System F1.40

Attachment methods for mounting façade cladding elements

Fixing methods involving mounting facade cladding elements have proved to be an excellent choice for effective installation. Composite boards are especially well suited for this kind of installation. The edge-milling technique is applied to process composite boards into cassettes. These are then mounted onto the fixing system and secured.


System F1.50 System F2.50

Fixing Systems


Coverings ME and AllFace have partnered up in order to provide services optimized to meet the entire spectrum of market requirements. Our solutions satisfy the needs of all market players ranging from architects and facade manufacturers to construction and installation companies.

Our success as a system partner of the international facade industry is based upon cooperation with renowned market players and the global Allface network. Our quality products, technical expertise and specific application know-how form the range of services.


Hung, rear ventilated facades create a great variety of design possibilities for architecture, design, and materials. With your our systems, we have created innovative solutions for complex facade designs.


Allface products contribute to making all types of facades safe, high quality, and as economical as possible. Allface systems are available for the following facade genres:

  • Fibre cement
  • Glass
  • Terracotta
  • High pressure laminate – HPL (Fundermax, - Improved Warranty)
  • Natural stone
  • Glass fibre reinforced concrete
  • Aluminum composite material – ACM
  • Ceramic
  • Metal




Smart fixing systems Projects  



Decking usually consists of engineered wood, which is used for high-end outdoor purposes (Gardens, Marinas, decks, etc.). We offer Hardwood Decking, Artifial decking and Fundermax HEXA decking.


Bamboo Burma teak WPC



Pergola is an overhead structure used to make the outdoors more inviting, to extend livable space, to create a shady retreat, and serve as a major landscaping element.
Our pergolas can be made out of Natural Wood, Engineered wood or High pressure laminates from Fundermax’s Exterior Range.




Olive wood International is an Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of olive wood flooring not in its simple and traditional way but by using the colors of these plants and what the wood transmits and maintains.


Coverings ME has joined forces with Olive Wood International in order to offer this beautiful product which will add the most original and authentic look to any room’s flooring.


Below are different finishes, colors and shapes in which this type of wood is offered.



The Regale

Created in plank format to exploit the natural beauty of the olive wood’s deep stripes and marble-like patterns.

The Rilievo

It maintains all the characteristics as the Regale, while adding a unique hand-sculpted surface that reveals a beautiful and densely intimate look and feel.

The Masselo

It is available in the classic and the emboss formats. The Masselo is a solid plank of selected olive cuts which develops in its length and natural beauty and character of this precious wood.

The Natura

This is the most valuable product of Olive Wood, it is the Jewel, where every individual piece of wood is hand-laid by their craftsmen.

The Scultura

The embossed version of the Natura. It is highly recommended for bedrooms and spas where the exquisite feed of its contours can be fully appreciated when treading barefoot.


This is the perfect product to use when marrying marble and wood.




For the past 70 years, Bauwerk Parkett have been manufacturing high-quality parquet flooring in Switzerland at Bauwerk Parkett. This company is recognized as the inventors of high-quality, manufactured parquet. The highest standards for quality and competence, healthful for living and a good feeling, ecological and social responsibility – all of these are reflected in their flooring.


With around 600 employees in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy, Bauwerk Parkett produces and sells over 400 different parquet floors and the corresponding range of accessories. Interested end users, designers, interior decorators and architects discover the entire world of parquet in our more than 20 parquet worlds.


Coverings ME and Bauwerk share the same philosophies when it comes to their work quality and ethics. That is why we have joined forces and have become partners in order to best represent this Swiss company in our regions.


We offer you one of the widest ranges of parquet flooring available in terms of color, finishes, wood types, shapes and dimensions.


To view our wide range of products, you may click on any of the below images that will re-direct you to our main webpage where you can select your formats, sizes, colors and more. Our search tools have been developed in order to facilitate our customer’s product selection.

Below are some of our standard colors and some of our project pictures. We also have customized colors and textures available to our clients upon request.


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