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Ivory Dream

A dream as simple as a seed, as strong as a stone.

A dream of a design home respecting the environment and the new awareness that the outside world is everybody’s home. A great gift from nature, a great dream to share for a future to be part of.


Ivory Dream is Coverings ME’s greenest product. 2sqm of Ivory Dream saves 1sqm of the amazon Rainforest. This vegetable ivory is obtained from the seed of an Amazon palm tree called Tagua. The seed is harvested by hand every year without causing damage to vegetation; It is cut, supplied on net and is suitable for floors, coverings and curved surfaces.


Thin as a resin, as light as wood. Available in 2 colors white and toasted (Color obtained simply by toasting the seed).




Seed White Seed Toasted Seed Mix
Random White Random Toasted Random Mix
Button Line White Button Line Toasted Button Brick white