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Man has always transformed and worked matter, creating endless variations of all kinds of items. His use and transformation of the planet’s resources has become an exploitation; as a consequence, natural materials nowadays such as stone and wood must be considered precious and therefore they are to be protected and utilized in full awareness.


Stone represents a standard feature in human cultural development: having been used as a tool, as a painting base, as a structural or decorative element makes it one of the most commonly used materials worldwide. “Benetti stone philosophy” is originated precisely from this idea. It is a collection of carved stone slabs, conceived as one-off pieces and taken from precious monoliths to convey naturalness, enhancing the matter’s own value.


Below are the Benetti Stone Collections also available in our online catalogue that can be downloaded on the link in the left hand side of this page.




Textures Laces New cliff / light cliff / cliff
Mosaico Contemporano Orion Mida'stone
Stones skins Aquam
Monolight Projects