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About us

Our name is self-explanatory to what it is we actually do. We are the people that take care of the covering part of any project; we are specialists when it comes to the finishing phases of any structure. Whatever is your design, interior or exterior, whatever is the level of complexity and originality we will make sure to match it in order to make any client or designer’s dreams and hard work come true.


Our concept is to give designers and creative minds the chance to express their visions, to introduce more originality into the construction industry with a new generation of interior and exterior design.


What we strive to do is to turn our clients’ or designers’ dreams, visions and designs into reality using quality. As our motto says:


Your design, your idea, your dream… We’ve got that covered!

Company Profile

Coverings M.E is a W.L.L company that supplies, installs and maintains finishing materials and systems of all kinds. This Bahraini based company offers a wide variety of products ranging from Natural stones, engineered stones, semi-precious stones, all kinds of tiles, recycled glass, compact/decorative laminates, Wood, Decorative Inlays, furniture, wallpapers, carpets, greenery and much more interior and exterior design products. Our material originates mostly from European countries such as Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, etc. and from some Asian countries as well.


Coverings M.E also offers Home Automation products and services where we enable our clients to control their entire home (Lights, Curtains, Entertainment System, HVAC, Water, Security, Energy Saving, etc.) through their phone, tablet or central control unit. All of which can also be connected directly to our state of the art Misting and Outdoor cooling Systems also available at Coverings M.E.


Our line of products has a quality grade that is higher than that available in the market, yet we still manage to maintain our prices within the acceptable brackets. Given that our material stands out from the rest of our competitors, the founders of our company have used their 30 years of experience in the industry in order to develop a team of managers, architects, designers and engineers who will assure that your visions and ideas are directly reflected into your homes, offices, facilities and structures.


At Coverings M.E, first impressions are of high importance. We believe that our interior and exterior finishing products and designs will flatter you to different levels. Your clients, customers, friends and colleagues will always have that first impression that says: “Wow, that looks incredible!”. Quality Appearances is a concept that we always strive to achieve.

About the logo

Since Natural Stones is at the heart of Coverings ME, we decided to make a logo that represents our history and strength with this material. The Coverings ME logo particularly the letter C is made up of four different types of natural stones carefully selected to represent the four different continents where Natural Stones are mostly extracted: Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.


The Coverings ME brand and logo have followed these four colors in order to always demonstrate to our clients that whatever the product, whatever the material, we will always make sure we can supply it to our clients in order to match their design, ideas and dreams wherever they may exist in the world.



Azul Imperial
Sodalite Blue
South Africa
Indus Gold
Giallo Sienna